Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed (2 Lbs.) 100% Pure Seed

Patten Seed Company is leading the way in Zoysia seed production with Zenith Zoysia - uniquely available as both sod and seed. When you order from Patten Seed Company, you're ordering directly from the family farm. Establishing lawns with Zenith Zoysia seed is superior to Zoysia grass plugs: it's easier, faster, and cheaper. Zenith Zoysia seed is ideal for: -Home lawns -Commercial landscapes -Golf courses (fairway, tee, or rough) -Sports fields -Roadsides -All turfgrass needs from Miami to Baltimore and west to Kansas city and beyond. Zenith Zoysia seed has these further characteristics: -Zenith Zoysia has a low water requirement (drought tolerant) -Zenith has a low nutrition requirement -It's also a dense turf that resists weeds. FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS ON THE BAG/INSERT FOR ENSURED SUCCESS WITH ZENITH SEED.