Ubs Inc Vita Fresh Shower Deluxe Combo B, Vita Fresh Shower Filter Deluxe Sediment Shower Filter

*Deluxe Combo B includes vita fresh shower filter, free vitamin c refill filter 2 pc, teflon tape, catalogue, installation instruction, deluxe se(sediment) shower filter, free se refill filter 2 pc. *Vita Fresh Shower Filter using 100% pharmaceutical food grade of Vitamin C for dechlorinating agent. *Totally neutralizes chlorine and chloramines in your shower water *Helps improve the condition of the skin and hair. *Meets the dechlorinating requirements of the EPA's Clean Water Act & environmentally safe. *Simple & attractive design to see the filter working thanks to its transparent housing, making it easy to know when have to change the filter cartridge. *Special natural DOLKI ceramic ball makes water molecules smaller and can also energize the water to improve hydration. *Deluxe SE(Sediment) Shower Filter remove rust, lime, algae, dust, fine pollutants over 5 microns in shower water. *Replaceable cartridge filter life for vita fresh shower filter up to 10,000 liters (about 6~8 weeks) and deluxe se(sediment) shower filter up to 2~3 months. *Easy to install (G1/2x14, International standard) on your existing shower arm and fixture. *Easy to change the filter cartridge

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