Tdcs Kit - Travel Model V2.0 Tdcs Device (deluxe Kit)

The Travel Model Version 2.0 DELUXE Kit includes everything you'll need to successfully enjoy tDCS. Just like the Advanced Kit, our Deluxe Kit includes The Brain Stimulator Travel Model v2.0, gold-plated sponge electrode adapters, and a blue electrode positioning headband. However, unlike our Advanced Kit, the Deluxe Kit comes with larger 3x3" Sponge Electrodes, a Saline Solution Applicator Bottle (very handy!), a second larger and adjustable electrode positioning headband, a professional long-lasting Duracell Procell 9V Battery, and a soft travel carry pouch. You wont find a better deal and you'll love the portability of our Travel Model, one of the smallest tDCS devices on the market! See our website for additional information.