Snail White Face Mask Shot Skin Regenerate Recovery Moisturizer 5 Sheets In Pack. [free For You Beauty Gift]

SNAIL WHITE MASK SHOT 5 sheets in package Directions : "Snail White Shot" is another current trend product from Namu after Snail White Cream become popular. Snail White Mask Shot was made with Ceramide which is one of main components of the epidermis layer, that creates a water-impermeable, protective layer, to prevent excessive loss of water due to evaporation and helps the skin to regenerate, achieving a smoother, softer skin and adding on that fine lines and wrinkles will also be reduced gradually. Snail White Mask Shot is good for those: For those who wants to have faster regenerated skin. For those who want to have sensitive and / or damaged skin caused by environmental pollutants. For those who want to have unhealthy skin; acne occurrences. For those who wants to have enlarged pores and loss of skin elasticity.

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