Sight Pusher Tool - Gen 3 (mk Ii) Universal Field Sight Pusher (glock 42/43 Kit) - 2 In 1: Front & Rear Sight Installations + Compact Range Adjustment Tool From Rst Rearsighttool

The 3rd Generation (Mk II) Universal Field Sight Pusher is the do-it-all solution for the home gunsmith. Not it only changes the dovetail sights of your guns (both front and rear), it also compacts as to fit a thin pocket of your range bag or a corner of your gun case. This helps you to always be ready to adjust the sights of your guns whenever needed at the range without requiring you to disassemble their slide. The hardened alloy steel Pushing Heads allows the tool to fit different sight profiles and move them efficiently. As standard, the tool includes both the "Universal" and "Glock Standard" versions as to also fit Glock factory style sights. The Adapters allow the tool to be attached to the slide without causing mars, while also increasing it's effectiveness. The tool set includes the "Universal" adapters as standard, which makes the tool function on flat sided (or square shaped) slides at the rear and most slide designs at front without requiring special procedures. Features, versatility, durability, quality and value. These are the defining characteristics of the Gen 3 Universal Field Sight Pusher.Don't hesitate in contacting us, especially inquiries in regards of compatibility! Technical specifications: -Sight clearance (under the top Tightening Screw): 0.54in-Drift Screw thread pitch: 0.04in per turn-Maximum slide width: 1.61in (1.34 with the Universal Adapter)-Minimum slide width: 0.83in (0.55 with the Universal Adapter)-Weight in sight adjustment configuration: 8.9oz About the Mk II version: This version features a re-designed Guiding Clip for enhanced manipulation and upgraded manufacturing processes for increased durability and function.

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