Shu Uemura Kye Fresh Cushion Blush-hibiscus Pink

First ever cushion cheek blush from shu uemura unveiled for this exclusive collection in shades inspired by Korea's national flower: mugunghwa , also known as hibiscus syriacus. Cushion blush in pink and orange shades offers a light and fresh sensation on the skin, perfect for this season! Apply cushion blush with the provided puff. Build over foundation for a fresh dewy look. For the 2016 spring artist collaboration, shu uemura fuses with exciting creative talent Kathleen Kye. Seoul's irresistible, high-end street fashion designer expresses unique real world designs inspired by today's Korean youth movements and energy, accented with impactful messages. Like Mr. Shu Uemura attained status as an artist ahead of the times through his innovative creativity and skill, KYE's original mix of Korean koolness and her own kreative spirit have pushed K-fashion onto the global stage.

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