Pax Body Paint - Pax Paint Makeup By Mel - Extra Dark Flesh Tones Kit

PAX paint is non-toxic, which makes it completely safe to use on skin. - Once applied it sticks to itself. You have to powder the paint after application. - Removal isn't very easy. Getting a remover is probably best, but you can also use soap and water, isopropyl myristate or rubbing alcohol. - PAX paint is great for masks and prosthetics. It's flexible, it doesn't rub off, and it doesn't destroy latex. - It is NOT good for use on silicone. - Serves as a good base for other makeup to adhere to. - It can be diluted with water and used with an airbrush. - Make sure to powder lightly after application with no color powder or another translucent powder. Colors Included are Chocolate, D-32, Espresso #2, Jackson SL, Mahogany, MF-170, Midnight Brown, Raven

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