Partyq Bbq Temperature Controller For Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

BBQ Guru's PartyQ The PartyQ by BBQ Guru helps solve the common problem of trying to achieve stable and precise temperature in your cooker. Meat is naturally built around tough, chewy protein fiber structures called collagen. Cooking at precise low temperatures over several hours breaks down those bonds and transforms them into that incredibly tender, tantalizingly juicy, and amazingly delicious BBQ we all crave. Without the PartyQ, those unstable temperature swings will quickly make your meat dry and tough. Simply attach the PartyQ to your grill or smoker, place the high precision digital thermometer inside, set your desired temperature for the cooker, and it does the rest! You don't have to worry about temperature spikes because the proprietary technology monitors and controls the temperature, feeding the precise amount of oxygen to your fuel, helping you achieve accurate temperature control. RAVE CRITIC REVIEWS: National BBQ News - "Capable of turning an average Joe into a BBQ superstar." AmazingRibs - "You'll wonder how you lived without one of these after using it." AboutBBQ - "A great device. Easy to use AND reliable." CUSTOMER REVIEWS: "If you don't have the PartyQ to go with your [cooker], you are doing it WRONG!" - Austin S. "Brisket and ribs were cooked to perfection." - Teddy O. "Bought this for my husband for Father's Day and he loves it! He used it the same day we gave it to him, and he said it basically did all the work for him." - Rhonda

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