Paraffin Bath For Hands - Waxwell Paraffin Wax Bath Unit W/ Unscented Kit: Includes 6 Lb Unscented Wax, 100 Liners, 1 Mitt, 1 Bootie

The WaxWel Paraffin Wax Bath unit is excellent for promoting skin health and rehabilitating deep tissue injuries through the use of soothing paraffin heat therapy. This unit is ideal for heavy-duty use in high-traffic clinics or great to use at home as the unit is lightweight and portable. Use it in clinics, salons, spas, or bring the relaxing spa experience home. Offered with an oversized tank, the unit can accommodate a man's size 12.5 foot and holds 6 lbs of paraffin wax. Easily bathe hands, feet, wrists, ankles and elbows in the paraffin wax. It is great to use to soften and smooth skin, and ideal to use to soothe the pain of arthritis, joint stiffness, inflammation, sports injuries, and muscle spasms. Continued use of heat therapy is also an effective way to increase range of motion.This kit comes with a one washable terry-cloth mitt and one bootie plus 100 hand/foot plastic liners and six pounds of unscented paraffin wax. WaxWel paraffin is a high quality paraffin wax with excellent melting characteristics, moistness and feel. Protect your skin from the seasonal elements. Paraffin wax is a great moisturizer, producing a waterproof coating over your skin. Oils produced by your body get trapped, resulting in soothing and healing dry, cracked skin. When the wax is cooled, dead skin is pulled away resulting in smoother skin. Use paraffin wax in heat therapy to help alleviate muscle and joint pain. By increasing blood flow, joint stiffness is improved and pain is reduced.The WaxWel Bath Unit is offered with a lid, grill, guide and standard operating temperature of 125 to 134 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank features an insulated outer housing to help retain heat. It can accommodate any brand of paraffin moist heat treatment wax.

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