Nyx Colored Mascara - Long Lasting Lip Makeup Trio - Alexis Vogel Scrumptious Lips Kit - Includes Pro Lipstick, Lip Gloss, And Lip Liner Pencil - Colors To Match Any Look And For Daily Wear - Professional Quality

This Kit Includes: Pro Lipstick: Feline Luminous Gloss: RumbaLip Defining Pencil: Hickey Dress Up your Lips with High-Intensity Color Wear Alexis Pro Lipsticks for a sumptuous, dazzling look. Antioxidants and Vitamin E nourish and protect your lips all day long, with smooth soft texture that will not fade or feather. This is a feel-good Lipstick that lasts and moisturizes as well. The perfect pigment of color you could ever hope for, with a range of the most desired colors as per Alexis with her requests for "Best of Lip Colors" by thousands of fans begging to know which color she is using on which celebrity! Instant Boost of Shine Alexis' Luminous Gloss is so luscious, it feels as if you're stroking pure collagen directly onto your lips. It's so easy to get an instant boost of shine with gloss so rich in color, it can be worn alone or over lipstick for super pouty, kissable lips. The easy-to-use brush-on applicator makes it a pleasure to apply a thicker layer with no streaking. Celebrities love this specialized Luminous Gloss and are always texting Alexis, "Please send me more, I went through this already!" Professional-Grade Lip Pencil Alexis' Signature Lip Pencils help keep lipstick in place and are richly textured; they glide with a creamy feel and won't bleed or feather. This super-smooth, lip defining pencil formula won't drag or pull on your delicate lip line. Use it to help keep lipstick or Stains in place and stop color from feathering. These Pencils are Professional-Grade and made of the highest quality.

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