Now Best And Shocking Results From This Facial Face Lift Mask 3 Pack - Original No Surgery Lifting Facial Mask Guaranteed To Soften Wrinkled Skin, Lift Sags, And Correct Skin Tone Fast From Vilisse

Thee (3) Tubes of the ViLisse Facelift Without Surgery Facial MaskThis kit contains a three to six month supply of the incredible ViLisse Facelift Without Surgery Mask as seen and demonstrated on TV.When properly applied, you will feel the the skin on your face, neck, cheeks and forehead start the tightening and repairing process. Right before your eyes, this special nature based facial mask will pull and tighten aged or damaged skin by using natural botanical plant extracts. More than just a concealer or BB cream, this mask smooths skin and works to balance skin tone, while using powerful antioxidants to fight off the skins natural destructive aging processTo effective use the facial mask, apply with moist fingers to a damp face. More is not better! When properly applied, the mask should be almost clear and translucent. As the skin under the mask starts the age reversal process, you will feel a gentle pulling of the face. As the skin tightens, the mask will strat to wrinkle. The more wrinkles at this stage, the tighter the skin under the mask has become. For best results, do not try to crack or peel the mask. After 10 to 15 minutes, simply wash the mask with a face cloth and warm water.Follow up the application with ViLisse Facial Cleansing Serum to remove any residual mask. Use the ViLisse Herbal Facial Toner to close the pores and prepare the face for ViLisse Youth Renewal Moisturizer and any makeup desired.Results are immediate and continue to improve with extended useTypically, the mask is applied once a week for the first month. A maintenance routine of once or twice a month will keep the age reversal process flowing. And of course since the mask is based on natural ingredients, the mask can be applied more frequently to speed the anti aging process further.Buy Now on Amazon!

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