No Chip Manicure Kit - Azure Beauty No Chip Gel Polish Starter Kit,soak Off Uv Lamp Start Kit

Package Contents: Gel Nail Polish x 3 Base Coat x 1 Top Coat x 1 36W LED lamp x 1 Cuticle Pusher Double-sides x 1 Sanding File x 1 Nail Clippers x 1 Nail Separators x 2 Cuticle Fork x 1 Nail Brush x 1 Cuticle Oil x 1 Cutting pliers x 1 Nail Stickers x 1 Nail Remover x 50 Buffer Block x 1 About 36W UV Lamp Size: 24cm x 22cm x 10cm Material: Stronger PP(Compression, wear resistance) Details:1.4 tube cured nail surface uniformly, 2.Timing function,quick dry 3.The light is stable,easy operation,good effect 4.Moderate light,no tingling feeling,not harm to skin 5.Reflector is very light so as to increase the effect 6.Soak-off plate,convient to Tear down or install tube The usage of Lamp please refer to following "Direction" About Soak Off UV/LED gel nail polish Those color are the most popular series Easy to dry;easy colored;easy apply even for starter. Natural resin composition, no bubble impurities, quality assurance. About Base and Top Coat Make the nails more durable Look more luster,elegance Protect the nails from substances in the gel,also can be applied to other brands of nail polish KINDLY REMINDING: This gel polish best applying temperature is 20-25℃.You can heat the bottle in warm water. Give it a good shake before use it. Any questions while using, do no hesitate to look for our professional support.

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