Inverters For Solar Panels - Readymade Solar Power Kit- 250 Watt Solar Panel With Micro Grid Tie Inverter, Polycrytalline Solar Panel, Prewired And Configured. Do It Yourself (diy) Solar; Micro-inverter Certified With Ul-1741; 20-years Warranty On Th

Product Includes: -- One 250 Watt Solar Panel. Polycrystalline PV cells, , Micro-inverter certified by ETL with UL 1741 code for anti-islanding safety protection. 25 Years of Warranty. -- One 250Watt Micro Grid Tie Inverter with 20 Year of Warranty -- 25 ft wire -ready to plug in -- Mounting easy stand for ground, Contact us for mounting the panel on any other structure, roof, fence etc. Includes Solar Power Monitor for Watt and cumulative kWh display and record When the sun shines, the 250 Watt Solar panel will produces DC voltage, and the micro grid tie inverter with certificate of islanding protection (U-1741). Northern Electric & Power micro grid tie inverter will change the DC voltage to AC voltage , synchronizing with the utility grid power. It puts out power to the home grid, generating electricity and cutting your electric bill. TWO STEP INSTALLATION: 1. Attach panel stand legs with 4 nuts & bolts. 2. Put the Solar Panel facing the Sun and Plug the cord into your 110/120V wall socket along with supplied Ensupra Power Monitor. Please follow local regulatory electrical codes for installation. If in doubt, consult appropriate licensed contractor. We will send you an electrical line diagram. Micro Grid Tie Inverter Manufacturer: Northern Electric Power. Efficiency: 95% Temp range: -40° C to 85° C UL-1741 code certified; Lifetime Warranty of 20 years from NEP. Solar Panels Kit: Stackable up to 7 panels for one dedicated Plug.

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