Home Spray Tan Kit - Inagua Spray Tan Pro: Professional Self Tan Without Leaving The House! The Ultimate Airbrush Compressor Kit. Perfect For Indoor Tanning Spray. Comes With Two Screw On Plastic Gravity Feed Fluid Cups

Inagua Spray Tanning Machine Airbrush System. Don't forget to search Amazon for the keyword THERMALABS to see ALL our phenomenal premium self tanning solutions that will change your sunless tanning experience forever! This wonderful system comes with TWO screw on plastic gravity feed fluid cups (3/4 & 1.5 ounce) for application that covers more skin without having to refill time after time! Get ready to glow with this phenomenal tanning system that used an airbrush for easy application! No more driving to an expensive salon, paying extra for monthly plans, feeling uncomfortable waiting in line or waiting to dry in a tanning spa. You are about to purchase one of the world's best self tanning systems that will save you money and make you look HOT all year round! Our systems are so easy to use and come with our in-depth guide "Spray Tan Secrets" that you cannot get anywhere else! This machine, like all other machines in our exclusive "Thermalabs Caribbean" line, is priced in a competitive way to make sure you get the best quality for the best price. We ensured that maintaining your new system will be as easy as can be and all you need to do is clean it after each use. Simply use warm water in the airbrush head. This system is a stand-alone perfect choice for anyone who wants to achieve the best spray-tan solution in the comfort and intimate surrounding of their own home. Don't forget to buy Thermalabs' spray tanning tent which is ideal for home use and will allow you to get the perfect tan without worrying about leaving your home dirty. No need to replace any parts on a monthly basis, no need to buy additional props or equipment. No need to get special cleaning supplies. You get all everything you need with this system (tanning solutions no included as each person has their own skin type and color).

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