Greesonic Sunpower Semi Flexible Solar Panel 150w (etfe+aluminum) Photovoltaic Solar Panel (thermostable) With Mc4 Connectors

Brand: GreeSonic 1. Mechanical Data: 1).Flexible Angle : up to 20 degree 2).Back Sheet: ETFE+Aluminum 3).J-Box: IP 67 rated 4). Thickness of ETFE: 0.025mm 5).Thickness of solar panel: 2.5mm or 3mm 6).Cables/Connector: 1.5meters, 2*2.5mm2 cable with MC4 connectors 7).Type of Solar Cells: Sunpower back contact cells 8).Eyelets: 4pcs in the corners 9). By pass diode: 2pcs (10A for each ) 2. Electrical Data: 1).Peak Power(Pmax): 150W 2).Maximum Power Voltage (Vmp): 18V 3).Maximum Power Current (Imp): 8.33A 4).Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.24V 5).Short Circuit Current (Isc): 9.17A 6).Maximum System Voltage: DC 500V 7).Cell Efficiency: 22.5% 8).Power Tolerance: ±3% 9).Number of Cells: 32pcs 10).Operating Temperature: -20℃~+50℃ 11).Storage Temperature: -20℃~+30℃ 12).Temperature Coefficients of Isc(%): +0.09%/℃ 13).Temperature Coefficients of Pmax(%): -0.37%/℃ 14).Temperature Coefficients of Voc(%): -0.34%/℃ (Test Condition: AM=1.5,E=1000W/㎡ ,Tc=25°C) 3. Flexible Solar Panel Size&Packing Information: 1).Solar Panel Size (1pc): 1500*560*2.5mm 4.Widely Compatibility Boats/Sailboats,Yachts,Marine applications,Motorhomes/RVs, Expedition Vehicles, Commercial Trucks/Trailers, Caravans/Popup Off-Grid and Remote Communication sites and more 5.Flexible *Versatile installation options: applicable for RV,boat, cabin, tent, yachts or any other irregular surface *Ideal for storage in tight spaces or crowded areas that are typically off limits for traditional glass and aluminum models

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