Egoera Face Mask Machine Diy Natural Fruit Vegetable Beauty Facial Mask Maker Antomatic Multifunction Mask Machine

Notices: 1. Please note the product is not including the juice squeezing function, please prepare 20ml juice before making the mask 2. Put on a flat desktop to use to ensure the liquid mask flow out evenly. If it is not, please use the dial slice to make the liquid mask evenly before cooling 3. When Click the power button to start making mask, it needs about 1 minute to dissolve the collagen pill before making mask, and Mask making process is about 5 mins 4. The total mixture is not over 80ml in making mask 5. Mask outflow temperature is about 75 ℃, please prevent burns 6. After making mask, please wash the mask machine promptly 7. After you've created one mask please wash it before re-use 8. High viscosity of liquid, such as milk, honey, will adhere to the bottom or stirred tank inside after finishing the mask making, please use cleaning brush to clean stirred tank. Using high viscosity material is recommended cleaning twice 9. PLEASE Kindly Read The Instructions and Notices Carefully Before Using It. Packing List: - Facial Mask Machine - Exclusive Collagen (A bottle of 30 pieces) - Mask plate - Measuring cups - Dial slice - Brush - Power lines(US Plug) - Brochure

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