Davy Crockett Grill - Bull Rack Grill Tray System - Br3 Ultimate Package - Grill, Smoke, Dry And Cure Meats And Vegetables - Grilling Rack And Tray

Bull Racks are the Best Rack System to maximize your cooking area. Save money by using less pellets and fuel and cook more food. More space = less waste. Adjustable heights allow you to grill like a pro and customize your cooking area. Perfect for large quantities of food and built for performance. Our customers love the Bull Rack System! The Drip Tray works great to catch drippings and keep your grill cleaner. Use it as a hydration tray, a cookie tray and more. It's great under the perforated tray in the kitchen while prep cooking and keeps juices from running all over your counter. The Wire Rack Inserts will create more air flow around your food keeping it off the trays for better moisture/drip control. Use the Bull Mats for your smoker pellet grills, ovens, food dehydrators and dedicated smoker units! This versatile mat can be used with vegetables, meat, fish, bacon and kabobs placed right on it. Use it on a tray or place it directly on your grill. **Warning: Do not use this material over direct heat like gas or charcoal grilling! Works on indirect heat grills. The Bull Rack System is easy to care for and is built to last. For easy clean-up, spray your trays first with a non-stick cooking spray and clean them with warm soapy water right after each use. BR3 Bull Rack System works with the following grills: Green Mountain Grills - Davy Crockett; Traeger - Jr. and many other size grills, check your dimensions.