Brightech Ambience Pro Outdoor Weatherproof Commercial String Lights With Hanging Sockets - Weathertite Technology, 11s14 Incadescent Bulbs Included, 48 Foot String, Black

Durable and ready for any kind of weather, Brightech's Ambience Pro Outdoor String Lights feature "WeatherTite" technology, which means we've built the wire with extra levels of protection. We've also wrapped it in a strong rubber casing so our strands will hold up to the harshest weather conditions. "WeatherTite" makes our product last much longer compared to lesser string lights on the market. Our light strands are well insulated, and you can leave them outside all year long, even during cold winters. Rains will fall and winds will blow, yet these heavy-duty weatherproof light sockets are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of outdoor use, year after year.Slightly tinted amber, the included 11-watt incandescent bulbs (165 watts total) are bright enough to enjoy an outdoor meal. Tether up to 8 strands together: nothing needed to connect additional sets; they plug into one another. Lights may be attached to a dimmer for greater versatility in mood lighting effects. Sit back, relax, and bask in compliments from your neighbors!Strand casing comes in white, black, or green. White casing evokes the look of a French bistro in your backyard oasis while blending elegantly with every kind of decor; versatile dark green dovetails perfectly within gardens, arboretums, vines, topiary, magnolia leaves, and more. Basic black never goes out of style!The length of our 48-foot cord (42 feet from the first to the last light) lets you arrange light strands in a variety of patterns, from tree to tree via zip ties or in decorative clusters. For installation, we recommend stringing a 16-gauge guide-wire and then affixing the lights (every three or four) to the guide-wire or anchor the heavy-duty strand with cup hooks into material that can support the weight. The string lights power up via plug-in 110V outlets.Box Contents16 x 11S14 Incandescent Bulbs48 Foot Heavy Duty StrandManual

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