Brightech Ambience Pro Led Outdoor Weatherproof Commercial Grade String Lights, Weathertite Technology - 2-watt Led Bulbs Included, 48 Foot String

Durable and ready for any kind of weather, Brightech's Ambience Pro Outdoor LED String Lights feature "WeatherTite" technology, which means we've built the wire with extra levels of protection. We've also wrapped it in a strong rubber casing so our strands will hold up to the harshest weather conditions. "WeatherTite" makes our product last much longer compared to lesser string lights on the market. Our light strands are well insulated, and you can leave them outside all year long, even during cold winters. Rains will fall and winds will blow, yet these heavy-duty weatherproof light sockets are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of outside use, year after year. Included are energy-conserving 2-watt LED bulbs (15 in all) made of durable glass, slightly tinted amber, giving the 48-foot strand a high-end commercial restaurant look and feel. For replacement bulbs please search for B00X32ATBW in Amazon.com. Please note that bulbs are not diimmable. The Edison-inspired bulbs with charmingly retro exposed filaments are bright enough for you to enjoy al fresco dining after dark, yet very gentle on the eyes. Tether up to 40 strands together: nothing needed to connect additional sets; they plug into one another, end to end. The cord length lets you arrange light strands in a variety of patterns. Hanging loops attach easily to cup or eye hooks. Suspend every three or four lights from a guide wire. Recommended for use in arbors, gazebos, by your pool in the spring and summertime, and other open air spaces for festive occasions like wedding receptions, garden parties, winter holiday and Christmas events, or simply for ongoing vintage ambiance year-round. Reminiscent of fairy lighting.

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