Best Face Mask Hada Mask Premium Nano Whitening And Sleeping Mask 30g. X 2 Packs

(Instruction : After washing your face before applying a thick cream Hada Turbo Mask mask avoiding the eye and lip. Do not wash off the cream to gently extract and the active surface of the skin while you sleep. Leave it until morning then wash as usual. The skin will bounce. Clear overnight. Mask 2-3 times a week.) Hada Turbo Mask is a creamy mask nourishes the skin for rapid recovery formula that has been developed under the concept. "Accelerates the skin rapidly deteriorated" to the surface and recover in one night with a powerful formula of Hada Turbo Mask from Japan. And extract the skin such as Grade A Derma white, Alpha-arbutin. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin every major ingredient has been carefully selected. It's really good. Combined with the right proportion and balance. Under the control of the medical research team. Pharmacists and researchers with experience in the manufacture of cosmetics. Using advanced technology. To get a quality product. Meet the needs of most customers. (Guarantee 100% Genuine Product / World Wide Shipping /Ships from and sold by Variety ETC.)

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