Bath Soak From The Dead Sea With Lavender, Palmarosa & Clary Sage 100% Natural And Pure - Best Dead Sea Salt For Detox, Relaxation, Sprains And Aches With Dendritic Salt, With 2 Ounce Scooper

Lavender Hybrid consists a formula specific to relaxing the nervous system and easing anxiety in the brain. Perfect for body soaks in the evening or nighttime, your brain can instantly forge a link between the sedative properties of the aromas and the context of the nighttime. Therefore, using Lavender Hybrid for your evening or nighttime bath soaks can provide you with the calmness you deserve after a stressful day of work The Formula Aromatherapists and the perfume industry alike both cherish Lavender for its scent and therapeutic values alike. 100% pure Bulgarian Lavender provides a unique aroma helps in overcoming stress. Bulgarian Lavender provides impressive skin-healing properties, making this one one of the most valuable essential oils available. Clary Sage comes from its Latin name for is Claris, which means clear. Pure and pleasant, Clary Sage offers itself generously with its nervine, deodorant and sedative properties. This addition a fresh herbaceous smell to the formula. Palmarosa staples the formula together with its aromatic undertones and assortment of therapeutic values. Aromatherapists favor Palmarosa for its anti-depressant, anti-toxic, aphrodisiac, deodorizing, and many other properties. Also recognized in the perfume industry and recognized for its effectiveness against sores and skin irritations, this addition provides Lavender Hybrid with a comprehensive quality for a body soak. Dead Sea Salt There is no other source of salt in the world as mineral rich as Dead Sea Salt. If you are going to take a bath soak, you might as well get the most therapeutic value out of each session. Highlighted with 15% Epsom salt to help contribute properties that boost muscle relaxation. Pure Dead Salt with an impeccable formula - simply put, you won't find any product that provides this level of therapeutic value.

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