Bahia Grass - Pennington Seed #p105218 5lbargentine Bahia Seed

Grows in sunny areas along the Southern Coastal Plain and Gulf Coast regions. Like Pensacola Bahiagrass, it is durable and resistant to drought and light frost, but grows greener and denser for a more attractive lawn. It is also available in both bags and pails. Deep root system for excellent drought resistance. Makes an attractive lawn with a finer texture and darker color than Pensacola Bahiagrass. Produces a low maintenance, durable lawn. Penkoted for seedling protection. Daily Light Required: Full sun (8+ hours of daily sun) Sun Tolerance: Excellent Shade Tolerance: Low Grass Color: Light green Grass Texture: Coarse Drought Tolerance: Excellent Disease Resistance: Excellent Traffic Tolerance: Good Planting Zones: 10; lower parts of zone 9 Recommended Planting Dates: Spring through summer 5 Lbs/1,000 sq ft