Backpack For School Or Travel Backpack Carry On

Your search for the perfect leather backpack is finally over... When you purchase your backpack from Twisted Leather Bags here's what you should do... The moment that distinctive brown box from Amazon arrives at your door, rip it open the first chance you get!! (Please take a little care in opening ;) - Remove out your stylish genuine leather backpack and admire its detail, touch, and distinctive genuine leather scent. What you will have in your hands is an exceptional quality, fashionable, durable leather bag that will last for years to come. Now take your new backpack to work or play and enjoy marveling at the beautiful leather, the comments on the distinctive design, and the occasional passing green eyed glance - all whilst being outstanding in its function! -The classic coffee color backpack is perfect size 11" L x 3" D x 15" H inches. - Lightweight at only 2.7 pounds that doesn't add unnecessary bulk to an already hectic day. What separates Twisted Leather Bags from our competition? It's simple really, starting with quality that is durable and functional representing unique style when you see it - and we stand behind our products. Leather care is very important for longevity and we provide detailed instructions on the do's and don'ts of taking care of your investment with each product. All our products are subject to strict QA measures. If there is ever a problem we are available via phone or email and we will fix it! Twisted Leather Bags is 100% family owned and based in the USA - We are REAL people and we are serious about being the BEST at what we do in providing the most OUTSTANDING beautiful leather products and amazing value to our customers.

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