Baby & Kids Safety Play Mat, Eutuxia® [large: 77 "x 55 " X 0.5 "] Great Playmat For Baby Crawling, Kids Activity! -[wood Grain/ Happy Bear]

Item: Baby & Kids Safety Play Mat, Eutuxia® [Large: 77 "X 55 " X 0.5 "] Great For Baby Crawling, Kids Activity! Description: Designed for growing babies and children, this Eutuxia baby & kids play mat provides safe floor space for the babies and children. Babies and children can play safely on the floor with vibrant colors, characters, and educational values like letters and numbers. This is a must- have item for the safe growth and development of your baby and toddler. It protects children from hard floor surfaces, protecting wrists and knees from potential impacts and injuries from crawling, standing up, and falling. Simply lay it out in bedrooms, living rooms, play rooms or any area for the playing times and much more! Key Features: - Soft cushion provides safety and comfortable feeling - Vibrant colors, numbers and letters found on both sides of play mat positively influence your child's creativity and intellectual development - It is scientifically constructed utilizing noise cancellation and magic cells that absorb impact - Rounded edge finish prevents exterior materials from being imbedded into the mat - Unidirectional stitch embossing design with water proof coating makes it easy to wipe down and maintain a sanitary environment for your child - Large Size: 77 inch (195.5 cm) X 55 inch (139.5 cm) X 0.5 inch (1.3 cm)

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