Autopilot Rc-42 Clear (supercell Sc-48) Replacement Salt Cell

AutoPilot RC-42 CLEAR Supercell (SC-48) Replacement Salt Cell AutoPilot RC-42 (Supercell SC-48) Replacement Salt Cell with Unions, 2 Pins, 7 Blades Pool Pilot Digital, Soft Touch, Total Control, Cubby, Salt Water Chlorine Generator System, Chlorinator, Dig-48, SC48, RC42, Old Autolec RC7, RC-7, Super Cell, Fox Galaxy 5040 *** NEW! with clear blue housing, easy to ensure the cell is functioning correctly! *** Authorized Dealer - All Water Care / eSeasongear *** Warning! - AutoPilot will not honor the Full Warranty if the items are not purchased from authorized dealers.


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