Aoyue 2703a+ Smd Profesional Repair & Rework Station

This a NEW All in One repairing station the combines a Hot Air Rework Gun with a soldering iron and a desoldering Gun. This a very high quality unit from Aoyue who is a leading producer in Europe and Asia and is now introducting products to the US Market. Just screw a nozzle onto the hot air tool, place the nozzle over the QFP, SOP, PLCC or SOJ to be desoldered, apply hot air to melt the solder without ever touching the component or PC board, and gently lift the component from the board using the vacuum pickup. Soldering of the replacement SMD is just as easy. Maintains a constant set temperature when the set and the value is reached. All Digital display of temperature and pressure with touch control on the front panel. The de-soldering tool comes with zero crossing circuitry preventing electrical surges and is equipped with a strong suction vacuum pump. Built in Air Flow gauge The 24 volt soldering iron is Lead Free compatible with the compound tip design by connecting the ceramic heater, sensor control unit and tip as one. This style tip heats up extremely quickly Compatible with many nozzle types from all manufacturers. There is an Auto cool-off process that leaves the blower on until the nozzle is cool, this prolongs life of the heating element and to ensure safety. ESD safe design. Package content: Main station with hot air gun, Air nozzles (1130,1197, 1919),G001 IC popper, Z003 Hot air gun holder, Soldering Iron with Tip, Soldering Iron Holder with Solder Wire Stand, De-soldering Gun, Spare soldering iron element, manual vacuum suction pen, Power cord. SRA Soldering Products is the Exclusive Distributor and will handle warranty repairs after the first 30 days (for issues within 30 days contact Amazon directly). The warranty period is 1 year after shipment. Heating elements and soldering tips are not covered under warranty. Please contact repairs@sra-solder.com for service or spare parts or call 1-800-545-4750.