72hour Bag - Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, Choose From 2 Or 4 Person Emergency Disaster Kit, 72-hour, Emergency Zone Brand (4 Person)

The following list shows the number of each item for the 2 person kit. In parenthesis will be the number for the 4 person kit if different. ORGANIZATION:Black backpack (2) Zip lock bags x5Waterproof document container WEATHER PROTECTION:Reflective sleeping bags x2 (4)Adult size poncho x2 (4)2 person tube tent (2) Hand warmers x2 (4) FOOD AND WATER:US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 3600 calorie bars x 2 (4)US Coast Guard approved 5 year shelf life 4.2 oz water pouches x12 (24)1 L water purification powder x5Folding 1 L water container for purifying waterWater purification instruction sheet LIGHT AND COMMUNICATION:Dynamo AM/FM radio/flashlight/mobile phone chargerLight sticks x2 (4) HYGIENE:Toothbrush x2 (4)ToothpasteCombRazorShampooSoapFeminine pad x2WashclothToilet paper rollSewing kit. 61 PIECE FIRST AID KIT: Band aidsDressingButterfly closuresCotton tip applicatorsTowelettesN95 masks x2 (4)Self-adhesive bandageTweezersTrauma scissors MISC SUPPLIES:10yd duct tape5 in 1 survival whistle50 ft ropeLeather palm work glovesMulti tool knifePlaying cardsGI can openerPencil48 page Emergency Preparedness Guide

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