72hour Bag - Mission-ready 72-hour Food Kit | 32 Total Servings | 2,300 Calories Per Day | Made In Usa By Nutristore

Disasters and uncertainty can come at any moment anywhere in the world. Knowing that your Elder or Sister is prepared for such a moment will bring great comfort and peace of mind! Designed specifically for Missionaries in the field for ease of use, the Mission-Ready 72 Hour-Kit provides enough food for 3 days while offering 6,900 calories (2,300 calories per day) to ensure your Elder or Sister is prepared and well-nourished! It comes conveniently packaged in a resealable Mylar pouch that easily packs into a suitcase or backpack. Easy to store and with a 5 year shelf life, the Mission-Ready 72-Hour Kit is a must have for all Missionaries serving in the field! Delicious Meals Include: Brown Sugar Oatmeal Strawberry Creamy Wheat Pasta Alfredo Savory Rice Pilaf Creamy Potato Chowder Macaroni and Cheese Pilot Bread Crackers and Peanut Butter

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