3kw Complete Diy Solar Kit 260w Watt Rec Solar Panels Enphase M250 Mirco Inverters Roof Tech Rail-less Racking

ML Solar 3KW (3120Kw) DO-IT-YOURSELF SOLAR KIT with Micro Inverters ML Solar's 3Kw (3120Kw) Complete Solar Kit comes with the following: 12- REC Energy REC260PEZ Solar Panels 12- Enphase Energy M250 Micro Inverters 12- Enphase 240V Portrait Trunk Cable 1- Enphase Branch Terminator 1- Roof Tech Rail less Racking System for Portrait Layout on Shingle Composition Roof.Other options are available. Please call ML Solar Specifications: REC Solar REC260 Watt Solar Panel Model Number: REC260PE-(US) BLK STC Rating: 260.0 PTC Rating: 234.3 Open Circuit Voltage (V): 37.8 Short Circuit Current (A): 9.01 Frame Color: Black Micro Inverter Enphase M250 Model Number: M250-60-2LL-S22 Max. Input Power [W]: 300 Max. Input Voltage [V]: 48 MPP Voltage Range [V]: 16V - 48 VMax.Input Current per MPPT [A]: 15Voltage Upper Limit for MPPT Range [V]: 36 AC Power Rating [W]: 250Max.AC Power [W]: 250W @ 208 and 240 AC Voltage Range [V]: 208/183-229 and 240V/211-264V AC Grid Frequency [Hz]: 60 Max. Microinverters Units xA String: 20A String: @208Vac 24 Units (Three Phase) and @ 208Vac 16 Units (single Phase) Display: Monitoring: Enlighten Manager and MyEnlighten Monitoring Max. recommended PV power (@ module STC): 210-300W Rail Less Racking Roof Tech E Mount AIR Model Number: E Mount Air E mount Air Material: Anodized Aluminum Clamps: Anodized Aluminum Micro Inverter Bracket: Anodized Aluminum Cable Holder Bracket: 9.01 Hardware: Stainless SteelFlexible Flashing: RT Butly (ICC ESR 35)

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