100ct. Reliable Modern Ph Indicator Test Strips Urine And Saliva Alkaline And Acid Sensitive Check With Colors Chart

Reliable Get accurate measurement with the litmus paper pH4.5-9.0 Test Strips and Easy to use at home or even when travelling, Feature of description Regulating the body's pH levels is Remarkable in order to avoid being too acidic or too basic, Maintaining the right pH balance makes sure that your body works properly, By habitually checking your pH with the ph test strips using your urine and saliva, you are one step ahead to taking care of your health, This also helps to check the measurement of the pH levels of what you are taking in and, sometimes, of the things in our environment, These testers are Magnificent for establishing alkaline diets or the miracle diet by giving you correct and precise pH readings in no time, Be in the know and accurately gauge your body's pH, This pack of 100 pH meter strips should come in handy at home.

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